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Modern dance


Commercial Modern dance was a style of dance that was used to rebel against ballet and classical dance styles. This form of movement consists of a style where expression is used by the way a movement is performed. Such as a rebellious piece would have very strong and heavy dynamics.

Mini Modern

This is a fun non-syllabus class for 4 year olds. Students can dance to the latest pop music gaining rhythm and co-ordination. A main focus within modern is focus of the body, breathing, movement and the relationship with the floor.

Junior and Senior Modern

This is a British Ballet Organisation syllabus class where students can learn exercises and non-syllbus dances where they can learn to create whilst dancing to the latest pop music, using some of the techniques and moves used in commercial videos and performances.

Modern can assist with students stamina, flexibility and creativity. Whether its learning movement through a dance or through fun technique games, children love to express themselves through movement.


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